The Nightstalker

The history of Nightstalker begins in the group Sercati, black progressive metal. In this formation Steve “Serpent” Fabry, bassist-singer-songwriter, begins to tell the story of the angel. In the first cd Sercati, we follow the fall of the angel and the search for his place in a foreign world.

But, the character takes another dimension by the writing of a book called “Le journal du Nightstalker” because music, finally, tells a small part of the history of the character and his universe. Steve needs to go further and decide in parallel to a personal musical project where he can express all the feelings of his character and his universe.

In partnership with “Wolfshade records”, the project of an album can be considered. Then starts recording and devellopement of a new step in the history. Steve called the project with the name of his character to affirm his universe. The album was released March 13, 2013 under “Wolfshade records”.

In the album, Against the anesthetist, we follow the angel in his fight against anesthesist: a messenger of Lucifer, hand made of syringes, decided to eradicate the angel who watches over human beings. During the battle, his enemy injects a hallucinogen and the hero finds himself in his mind to fight against all his fears. He must face his fears to get out alive. Each song corresponding to an advance in history. But his fight is not ready to be finished…

An angel decided to descend to Earth to protect humans. He tries to understand why God let humans suffer when he created them. The angel can no longer keep watching this spectacle and comes to Earth in search of a solution. Seeking his place, he becomes a kind of guard that protects he weak against the demons of Lucifer. He becomes the Nightstalker.

In the first release “Against the anesthetist”, an other part of the story is discover. Displeasing to the Lord of Darkness, he sends a demon named “Hound from Hell” fight the angel. This confrontation ends with the death of the Hound from Hell. The angel, having violated his rule of not killing, is destabilized. But it has not the time to take control of him than Lucifer returns a demon named “The anesthetist”, which has in place the fingers of the left hand some syringes. His blood secretes various hallucinogens and poisons. Their battle can begin.

The second album “The Chronicles of Natural City”, the subject of the environment (Natural City) is explored. The secondary characters and their influence on the hero are described and his way of perceiving the world around him. Each character is mentioned and the main story continues in the background.

The third album “All for a promise” tell the death of Miss Ombrelle and what the Nightstalker will fell and do to find a solution to this situation. We discover that the Apocalypse was only a diversion and Lucifer had release a lot of prisoners from the Purgatory to rise an army for the real Apocalypse.