The Nightstalker case : found footage

This movie is the video recording of the researchs undertaken by three friends on what sounded like an urban legend. A furtive appearance has brought them on the traces of seemingly supernatural figures. The more their existence comes clearer, the more the mystery surrounding thickens. The obstinacy of the three friends seems to lead them to an inexorable ending.

All begins with the discovery of a young man’s corpse in Natural City. Sergeant Patrick Matennen arrives first on the crime scene. He picks up a camera near the body and decides to watch the whole recording in order to understand what has happened. Michel Garsou buys an action-camera and is witnessing a strange murder. The latter contacts one of his friends who has been investigating for some time on the mysterious appearance of a nocturnal protector in their hometown. Together, they exploit all possible tracks to find any information. From there, events move fast. In spite of himself, Michel is dragged into this dangerous investigation.