NIAC (Steve Fabry) is a multi-instrumentalist born on the 29th of April 1985 in Verviers, Belgium. Coming from a musical background and family, his first encounters with music came at the age of 6, when he started learning how to play the drums. Piano lessons followed and then guitar, before starting to learn the violin. He falls in love with the bass guitar soon after and joins his first band at fifteen. During the following years he plays in twenty bands and tries Black Metal for the first time with the band Ooirim. Soon after that he creates his own black metal band (Sercati) with his friend Yannick Martin on drums as well as a side project named The Nightstalker.

Steve has got a serious passion for movies and everything John Carpenter, whose music he discovers with ‘Escape From New York’ and so he starts his horrosynth band NIAC along with Simon Charlier on guitar and long time friend Yannick Martin on drums. Influenced originally by Carpenter’s works his debut NIAC album ‘Neo-Pandemonium’ is a mix of melodic with minimal yet very atmospheric darksynth/horrorsynth which explodes to heavier parts often creating a feel reminiscent of post-rock and even doom metal.

If the description ‘Terrortron meets Gör FLsh’ sounds like something you might be interested in, then you’ve definitely got to check out ‘Neo-Pandemonium’ in its entirety.

“it makes me think of Tangerine Dream… with a small layer of doom on top“ – Gör FLsh
“I think it’s very nice, sounds very unique” – Midnight Danger
“it sounds good but i think it’s missing vocals…it’s cool anyway“ – Master Boot Record
“it sounds like John Carpenter on benzos, in a good way. Melancholic Doom synth!” – Irving Force