Jeu de rôle


En partenariat avec les éditions Stellamaris, un jeu de rôle émerge de cet univers.

The Nightstalker rpg est un jeu où l’on prend la place des anges ou des démons… alliés aux anges (certains ont renié leur allégeance à Lucifer), ainsi que d’autres créatures surnaturelle, dans la guerre secrète entre le Paradis et l’Enfer, pour laquelle le champs de bataille principal n’est autre que notre bonne vieille Terre.

Désormais en vente, vous pouvez l’acheter sur le site des éditions Stellamaris ou sur Amazon

Le kit d’initiation, de 82 pages N&B au format 21*21 cm, est d’ores et déjà disponible ici au format pdf.

Une quantité de médias supplémentaires sont disponibles ici pour vous offrir un meilleure immersion.

Un groupe facebook est également disponible pour être averti des moindres nouveautés.

Ainsi qu’un serveur discord disponible pour jouer ou discuter en ligne.

English version

The role-playing game based on metal music where angels and demons join forces to counter the plans of Lucifer

The rain never stops falling on the sidewalks of my city. The vehicles run along its arteries, leaving trails of colored lights in the night. Underneath its appearance of a modern city, this megalopolis hides a heavy secret. Don’t think I’m saying this to scare you. All this is a reality. A thousand-year-old battle is taking place in the streets, in the alleys and on the rooftops, far from the eyes of humans. This battle, between demons and angels, has your souls as its prize. Do not be afraid and breathe slowly. Discovering all this may come as a shock…

Now that you know this secret, there is no turning back. I suggest you join us in the battle against the demons that haunt this world. Resistance has been building for centuries, and you can be a part of it. Several factions are secretly organizing in the shadows… and the worst enemy may not be the Devil himself.

In this chaos, everyone is out to take advantage of each other. Some creatures or people with bad intentions, take advantage of the situation to advance their own cause. An angel, nicknamed the Nightstalker, accompanied by several acolytes, such as humans, some with supernatural powers, as well as demons seeking to emancipate themselves from Hell, are on the front line of this war. Nothing is simple in this city. Join them in their fight because danger is everywhere…

Look around you… Maybe some evil creatures already know that you have become an insider. Who am I? It does not matter. I will help you get acquainted with this new reality so that you can survive.

Welcome to Natural City… Based on the world of the metal band Sercati, The Nightstalker RPG invites you to take part in this millennial conflict alongside the Nightstalker himself. The heroes will have to thwart the machinations of opponents as diabolical as they are strange in a frightening urban universe. The city in which the action takes place conceals many secrets and mysteries.

Behind each building can hide a terrifying truth. Investigating supernatural phenomena and battling demonic forces, evil wizards and other dangers, players will have to find their way through a hostile environment and use their imagination to defeat the threat that hangs over the world.

Link to download the starter kit