About the band


Band from Liège – Verviers (Belgium), playing melodic black metal, each album being a chapter of a same story (main character : the nightstalker). The band started back in 2009 with 2 demos named “Sercati” and “The Night Stalker”. Contacted by Carlo Bellotti Publishing, the band recorded « Tales of the Fallen », a first full lenght album  during the summer of 2010.

Since then and throughout the albums, we tell the story of a fallen angel striving to restore balance between good and evil in a world heading for apocalypse. The theme is not religion, neither christianism nor satanism. Religion is a background on which the hero (see him as a “comics hero”) and the other forces in presence face each other, struggle, get allied… each aiming its own purpose.

Three full lenght albums and one EP are already out (see discography) :
Tales of the Fallen
The Rise of the Nightstalker (TOTF 2)
In the Shadows of Sidewalks (TOTF 3) (EP)
Devoted, Demons & Mavericks (TOTF4)

The universe of the Nightstalker keeps on extending, while 2 other music projects tell its story :
– The Nightstalker : ambient black metal
– Hezaliel : drone

Beside, the story or parts of it are also adapted in book (french), audio book (french) and short movies (french with english subtitles).


The band has been through some line-up changes through the years. The present trio works since december 2013.

Steve “Serpent” Fabry : Bass – Vocals

Yannick Martin : Drums – Backing vocals