“Devoted, Demons and Mavericks” out on 21 september 2018

WormHole Death has just anounced the digital release of our upcoming album.
Devoted, Demons and Mavericks (Tales of the Fallen part IV)” will be out on 21 september 2018… amongst the wraiths of autumn.
It’s been a long wait since we’ve recorded back in July 2017, but here it is finally. In my personnal one-sided opinion, this album is the better we’ve made so far for the music as well as for the lyrics.

The track list of the album :
1. Countdown To Apocalypse
2. Shockwaves Of The Countdown
3. Time Of Loss
4. Under The Velvet Mask
5. Dream Devourer
6. An Appointement Between Hell and Heaven
7. Cathartic Bomb
8. Before The Battle
9. Fight To Dust
10. The Purgatory
11. Facing The Unknown (Outro)